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a cally and crashdown community

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3/23/06 02:00 pm - viper_chick - woops me forgot to post last 2 chaps of progression, so here u go

chap 3 and 4 of progression.

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okay and chapter 4, which is the last chap guys.
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3/20/06 08:18 pm - viper_chick - FIC:Progression chap 2

chapter 2
i dont own these characters they belong to the awsome creators of BSG
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3/19/06 07:11 pm - viper_chick - fic: progression-cally/crashdown

a fic i co-autored with inside_my_skin/bloodredcherry.
Title: Progression
Authors: princessdreams and bloodredcherry
Disclaimer: we don’t own the characters from BSG, even if we wouldn’t mind owning certain ones,lol
Rating: PG-13/T
Pairing: cally/crashdown
Summary: AU. Cally and Crashdown both develop feelings for eachother, but neither know what to do, so with a little help can they open up to eachother??? Read on to find out.

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well that was chapter 1, and if you want chapter 2, please leave some feedback.

3/18/06 01:47 am - viper_chick - fic:birthday blues

not beta'd didnt have the time to send it to my beta, but had a look thorough myself.

Title: birthday blues
Disclaimer: I don’t own either of these characters they belong to the creators of BSG.
Rating: PG, I think
Pairing: Cally/Crashdown, Lee/Kara, Cally/Helo friendship
Summary: AU: set in a fictional season 2.
Its cally’s 21st birthday, and the crew are throwing her a surprise party. But cally has a lot on her mind!!!

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Please leave feedback, thanks.

3/16/06 07:06 pm - viper_chick - welcome to cally and crash community

welcome to my community dedicated to the charaters of cally and crashdown from battlestar galactica.
after talking with a friend, we decided that there really isnt enough cally/crash fics etc around, or anywhere for them alone, so i decided to create this community.

so everyone who loves the idea of cally and crash as either friends or a couple can come and share their thoughts about this couple.
i will also exept fics,vids,banners,and anything cally and/or crash related.
hope you all enjoy this as much as iam going to.

i wish crashdown hadnt snapped because he was a good character, and i think there could of been some very good storylines for him, and possibly a romance or something between him and cally.

i have one rule, if you dont like the idea of cally and crash together, dont join, cause i wont have people diss my ship, okay.
other then that if your a cally/crash fan come and join the party...
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